The Importance of Curb Appeal

The Importance of Curb Appeal

  • The Alliance Group
  • 02/13/21
You have heard the adage; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially important when you are talking about homes. Curb appeal is what gives homebuyers the first impression of a property even before they step inside the front door. Prospective buyers are more inclined to look inside if they like what they see on the outside. It can be the difference between a speedy sale or a home that languishes on the market for a bit. To maximize your property’s value, follow these time-proven tips:


Curb appeal begins with landscaping. Improvements to the landscaping can be simple or complex. Start with the condition of the lawn and go from there, focusing on areas closest to the home. Overgrown or dying bushes are an eyesore; have them removed or trimmed. A fresh layer of mulch can completely transform a property’s exterior. And don’t forget paved areas—cracked driveways and walkways full of weeds don’t present well.

Exterior of the Home

Few features will either turn away or attract prospective buyers more than landscaping and a home’s front entrance. Invest in cleaning up your beds—have cleanly cut edges to your beds, new mulch laid, and make sure your plants are healthy and look good. As for the front entrance, a fresh coat of paint on the front door, replaced hardware if it’s well worn, a new welcome mat and potted plants ensure the first impression is warm and welcoming.

The Front Door

It is impossible to ignore the front door every time you walk into the house. A fresh coat of paint will work wonders and show off your home’s personality. However, if you are ready to sell, choose the color wisely; a simple black front door has the best resale value. Deep blue, dark gray, and sage green are also popular colors. If a fresh coat of paint isn’t enough, don’t hesitate to replace the door. This simple update will add value to your home.

Additional Lighting

Curb appeal isn’t limited to daylight hours. Custom outdoor lighting—such as driveway lighting, landscape up-lighting, and security lighting—can be added to match your home’s aesthetic and appeal to homebuyers.

Mailbox & House Numbers

Upgrading your mailbox and house numbers are two inexpensive, simple upgrades you can make to your home. For an aesthetic touch, try to match the finish of these accessories with the light fixtures of your home.

Picture Perfect

Finally, to make a property stand out above the competition, we always employ a professional photographer and ensure they are shooting the property during the best time of day. We also work with clients to coach them before the shoot to make sure the home is ready. It is important to show your home clean and at its best—whether online or in person.

While spending time and money on the interior of your home is important, improving your home’s curb appeal is a simple investment to attract potential buyers. It can also add a huge boost to your sale price. Please contact us today for more advice on how to prepare your home for a quick and profitable sale.

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