To Stage or Not to Stage?

To Stage or Not to Stage?

  • The Alliance Group
  • 05/27/19
Is Staging Really Important?

Our homes represent our own personal styles and generally, the life we live.  They are filled with pieces from our travels and journeys, as well collections from our special interests, personal likes and beliefs. Some have even described our homes as life-size memory books of our lives.  So then, why bother staging when we are merely representing the life we were meant to live?

The reality, according to most experts, is that there is a way you live in your home and there is a way to market your home.  When you commit to selling your home, you should commit to transforming it into a place that appeals to the masses and helps potential buyers picture as their home.

We try to help our clients understand that no one, not even stagers themselves, live in a home that is “market-ready”.  And interestingly, most stagers will suggest that you are allowed to have your personal style- you just have to take it down a notch or two….or well, four or five depending on how personalized your home really is.

It is also important to note that staging is not meant to cover up any negative aspects of a home- it is simply meant to accentuate and highlight beautiful features, and again, appeal to as broad an audience as possible!

Here are the key reasons to stage your home:

-A staged property will help photos stand out above the competition and get those all—important buyers through the door.

-Staging helps show a property’s potential.  A “bonus” room for example, could be staged as a play room or media room. This allows the buyer to imagine different possibilities for a given space and will increase the likelihood of them making a connection with the property.

-Staging can often make a space look larger. Proper placement of furniture coupled with serious decluttering and “deleting” of unnecessary items often makes the space feel warmer, more welcoming and larger. Most buyers want square footage and staging can help buyers feel the extra space.

-Staging can help people imagine their belonging in the space.  Most stagers believe that buyers have little imagination and therefore, require that visual.

The Alliance Group provides a staging consultation with every listing.  Depending on how much “staging” is suggested, many Sellers decide to either execute staging on their own depending on the advise and suggestions offered by the stager or, they decide to hire the stager to do anything from light staging (bringing in accessories) to full staging (providing furnishings).  The cost of staging can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending of course on the size of the home and the amount of staging required.

While staging increases your chances of a quicker sale in any market, we believe it is especially important in challenging markets where sales are flat or stagnant.  It also increases your chances of netting more at Settlement- potentially thousands more if you are able to sell quickly and avoid being in a position of having to consider a “price reduction”.

-Authored by Tracy Williams

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